eMail is an interesting thing.... this picture make_my_day.jpg is of the KHAWK, LINCOLN, RONALD REAGAN plus some friends, I think stared with WARREN B. MONTEAGUDO, SKCS (AW/SW), SUPPLY/S-6 DIV., USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76) who wrote: They should send this picture to anyone who wants to f__k with us.

Pretty cool picture IMHO, but what I see is about 12 billion bucks (plus or minus a few billion....) worth of pretty neat technology/equipment (military bling), that would be fun to play with.

The problem with US military bling, is a hard core terrorist does not give a f__k and fights using unconventional techniques (aka ASYMMETRIC WARFARE).

IMHO the only way to end terrorism is to win over their "hearts and minds." In other words as long as people have ill feelings or envy toward another group, there will exist the potential for conflict.

This I know is not a very comforting thought to a vast majority of politicians, the american public and a warrior culture, all with mindsent thinking $$$ alone will win a war. History has shown technology alone can't win a battle, think about how the Soviets were forced to leave Afganistan in in late 1980's....

In the picture above there is billions upon billions of $$$ worth of stuff, which is being used to kill off what seems like a never ending supply of poor bastards in caves or mud brick homes with AKs or IEDs (worth hundred or thousands of $$$ at most) who believe in radical islam.

Killing people is the easy part, but killing bad ideas/philosophies isn't so easy....

gold plated AK47

This gold plated AK was captured in Uday's (Saddam's son) private residence in Baghdad on or about the 3rd or April 2003. LtGen Conway, One Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) Commander, had the SeaBee's construct a frame from materials taken from the residence. In late May, LtGen Conway presented the AK to Lt Gen Hailston, at Marine Central Command in Bahrain. The AK is now enroute to Hawaii where it will hang in the entrance to Headquarters, Marine Forces Pacific, at Camp Smith, Hawaii. Interestingly, there are several similar weapons captured and once they have been cleared as war trophies, they too will be presented for public display.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) can be almost anything with any type of material and initiator. It is a homemade device that is designed to cause death or injury by using explosives alone or in combination with toxic chemicals, biological toxins, or radiological material. IEDs can be produced in varying sizes, functioning methods, containers, and delivery methods. IEDs can utilize commercial or military explosives, homemade explosives, or military ordnance and ordnance components.

They are unique in nature because the IED builder has had to improvise with the materials at hand. Designed to defeat a specific target or type of target, they generally become more difficult to detect and protect against as they become more sophisticated.