May 1st Y2K, by chance I happened to come across a “Guerrilla Gardening” march, or a creative peaceful celebration of the growing global anticapitalist movement. Since the march looked more interactive than a bunch of old british museums, I decided to follow the crowd which was heading toward the square by Westminster.

Since nothing really interesting was going on at the square by Westminster, I started to walk around the rest of the city when I came across another group of individuals who were suppose to be protesting against big business, Kurdish rights, etc.

Who ever coined the term “Uptight stiff ass brits” must have been describing these mostly unresponsive police officers, because as I was heading toward the National Gallery, I was corralled in Trafalgar Square. Basically I was stuck there for four hours as the clueless storm troopers waited for orders.

British officials did not seem to appreciate my sarcastic humor when I took a picture of an officer taking pictures of the crowd and waved at his video camera. After my gestures of friendship, officials detained me then looked at my passport. I did not think much of this incident until I realized because of that little oversight I'll never be able to run for congress because my out reach to officials made me look like an international anarchist.....

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