Every once in awhile random people send me eMail and say they find information that I have gathered in my site some what useful.

Your site helped me track down an internet scam artist who took me for 649 bucks. The DA's office in Houston recently raided his offices (using info I supplied). Because of previous convictions (he's currently on probation for bank fraud) and the fact that he's done about $1 million in business on Ebay this year, he's looking at some serious jail time. I doubt that I would have been able to put all the pieces together without the tools available on your site. Thanks very much.

Wendell Evans

hey thanks for the junk mail/spam info. its helped out a lot.

Jeff Foster (Provo, UT)

Your site is great, I planning on using it alot to get rid of the porn spammers who seem to abuse my email.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Benton Ramsey

Dear Ben,

I have been searching and searching for some answers to junk mail and persisting phone calls. I really do appreciate all the info. I now have a place to focus my energy. I just wanted to type some thanks!


Kim Morgan