No ifs ands or butts I'm a space case and damn proud of the fact! I guess it would have been easy to post lots of pictures on my site of space ship one, or the geniuses like Burt Rutan (who designed the craft), Mike Melvill (da driver), or da billionaires Paul Allen (the dude who financed the project) and Richard Branson (nice guy who I also ran into at the Scaled Composites hanger)....

But since this is my personal site I figure I'd show ya some of the other things ya won't see in the "liberal media" and could have seen if ya had been there the day private enterprise made its first space shot. BTW to the group managing my "insight" portfolio, ya bastards (you know who you are) have to do better than the annualized 80% returns ( how do you ever expect me to get rich so I can buy my own "global express" biz jet like the one in front of Scaled Composites the day of the shot, for important stuff like river trips).

beauty queens

political banners

space cadets

space cadets

space cadets

me in front of SpaceShipOne

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