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Salom Travel can show you Central Asia like no one else. Involved with tourism since 1974, and one of the pioneers of independent travel to Uzbekistan, and its neighboring Republics, we offer every service the traveler could desire. Enjoy the spectacular architecture of Central Asia with its Persian and Mogul traditions, rich in exotic and ornate tiles, and built to a scale of imposing grandeur. These artistic accomplishments of Tamerlane, and the later structures of the Khans of Czarist days, are some of the greatest architectural achievements the world has ever known.

Enjoy expertly led excursions to ancient historical sites going back to the time of the Zoroastrians. Visit ancient buildings, bazaars, tea gardens, and fascinating museums, while enjoying the legendary cities of the great Silk Road; Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Shakrisabz, Kunya Urgench, Nissa, and Merv. Shop for old textiles, silk ikat, enamel boxes, superb porcelain, hand made wooden furniture, ceramics, jewelry, embroidery and carpets. Meet the craftsman who produce these fabulous treasures. Thrill at the magnificent mountain landscape of nearby Kyrgyzstan. Using Uzbekistan as a base, enjoy the excitement of Turkmenistan to the West, and Kazakstan to the East.

Salom Travel can serve your need for visa support, accommodations, from hotels meeting high international standards, to very clean comfortable, and affordable bed and breakfast facilities. These special living arrangements can offer you a unique opportunity to experience first hand the intimacy, flavor and traditions of hospitality that are hallmarks of the Central Asian culture.

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