As part of my ongoing efforts to obliterate all traces of terrorist SPAM and send a message to those pinko commie freedom-hating towel-headed homo SPAMMERS, your participation is requested. All ya all have to do is to click the following:

Fight SPAM a "bulk+email" search on
Fight JUNKMAIL a "mailing+lists" search on
Fight TELEMARKETING a "telemarketing" search on

Then click on the links that promote things like "Bulk Email", "Email Harvesters", etc. Each time ya click on a link from an "Bulk Email" search you will send a message to SPAMMERS and help the US economy. (For example - Cost to Advertiser: $3.95) this means that just by you clicking on that link, you have cost a spam company $3.95 and transferred money to a dot COM company which I just bought stock in, opps forget I even said that.

Anyway your participation will only take you a few minutes tops and costs you nothing. If ya got a laugh out of this spam, pass along this anti-terrorist SPAM to others.

I thank you for your time.

iceland 2001