Phaster SearchBar
for Internet Explorer

Deb Fleming (some random cyber geek who found my site) eMailed me and said she edited the Phaster HomePage for use as a search bar using Internet Explorer (for that OS put out by that cancerous pacific northwest based corporation that is trying to homogenize the world - FYI I am not talking about StarBucks).

Since I use a Mac and an older bloat free version of Netscape, I had no idea of what she was talking about and asked her to send me a screen shot.

screen shot of the phaster searchbar in action

Basically, I saw she set up a search bar that allowed her to query various sites (eliminating the process of hopping from site to site trying to track down information) and display the results in the main window instead of the search bar itself. When you have found the page that contains the information you were looking for, you can close the Explorer search bar frame (just click the close button on the upper right corner).

I thought the search bar idea was pretty nifty, so I am adding that feature to my site. If you would like to have a Phaster SearchBar and use Internet Explorer and Windoze, create a phaster_searchbar.reg file then double-click the .reg file. After you double click twice the info will be changed in the registry (note changes take effect immediately or so I have been told).

One word of warning I do not use a PC or IE so before you consider any changes to the default settings, read Changing Search Pages Used by Internet Explorer, which explains the registry location and correct URL (for MS search).

Update 8/2/2004 for FoxFire

Recieved an eMail from Deb which said:

...made a new version of the Phaster searchbar. Split the searches into a few more form boxes, the make them easier to find. Added a few of my own (IMDb,, Amazon, etc.).

Works great in Firefox (I've switched), just check "open in sidebar" in the bookmark properties.

If you're still on IE, install the .reg file for the NuPhasterBar (save to desktop and double-click).

Since I do not use Windows or FireFox, I changed some of the ".html" so that it would render without control characters with the old hacked browser I'm using, and changed a few of the search strings that I think work better but other than that, what I've posted is pretty much what she sent me.