BUMPER STICKER: basic traffic rules which should be common sense

Aside from inefficient SUVs used for daily drivers in urban areas, another thing that bugs me is why can't the average American drive? I've been in many parts of the world: Asia, Latin America, the United States, etc., and from what I have seen Autobahn style driving makes the most sense. Basically on the Autobahn drivers:

  • Never pass on the right, only pass on the left
  • Always watch their mirrors
  • Let faster vehicles pass
  • Pass quickly
  • Do not tailgate
  • Use the RIGHT lane for slower vehicles
  • Use the LEFT lane for faster vehicles
  • Avoid provocative fingers gestures
  • And do not talk on the cell phone while driving

If I was king, I would mandate all people take a defensive driving course on a skid pad, with a car that has a manual transmission before they are allowed to test for a license. IMHO driving a manual really gives ya a better feel for a car, and is it really to much to ask that people be competent drivers?

The graph image I've created above is a useful bumper sticker to remind other people of basic Autobahn rules... If ya want to make your own copy of a 3" x 10" bumper sticker (for non-commerical purposes), all ya have to do is save the image above (which is 900 by 3000 pixels, but only 32kb) to your own hard disk, then upload the image to:


A custom, full color bumper sticker with free shipping, is only $4.95 each! Or ya might like an SUV bumper sticker for your hummer, with a math proof anyone should be able to understand.

BTW I don't get one red cent from all the work I do on my site, but if ya want to contribute to my Porsche or Land Cruiser road trip fuel fund...

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