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After getting some eMail about my parody of the TRUSTe banner “Trust Me,” I decided that the time was ripe to appeal for funds to support my various hobbies, including this site and my Porsche Fund.

Here is the deal, I am not going to make any of you free loading yahoos feel guilty for using (what I consider) one of the best resources on the web. What I am going to do is be straight up and tell you honestly that if you send me cash, there is almost a 100% chance I will use it for my own personal use.

So help me get a Porsche and have the satisfaction of knowing that I would enjoy taking a few road trips....

Or if you have issues with global warming and do not want to contribute to the Phaster Porsche fund, consider my alternative Mac Server fund.

If you still want to pledge after reading this attempt at humor, eMail me and I will gladly tell you how to send funds via PayPal.

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