The all-new iPod.  7500 songs in your pocket. For Mac and Windows.iPod in dock.


After taking yet another long road trip, I decided I needed an alternative to the local crop reports, country tex-mex and bible thumper radio which seems ubiquitous on rural AM stations. Most of the time I have a few CDs in the old Land Cruiser, but on this last particular trip, I decided I wanted something more convenient so started looking at the new iPod.

Going to the Apple web site I discovered a potential problem:

Mac Requirements and Software Apple computer with built-in FireWire port; Mac OS X v10.1.5 or later (Mac OS X 10.2 or later recommended); CD includes iTunes for Mac OS X

you see my main computer is an older beige 266 MHz G3 (which has been upgraded to a ZIF 550 MHz G4), that does not have OS X installed, nor for that matter a built in firewire port.

The solution to the lack of a firewire port was taken care of by purchasing a firewire/USB PCI card (note beige G3's with ROM revision $77D.40F2 do not support USB 2.0, so if you are thinking about getting the latest and greatest USB 2.0 PCI card - DON'T BOTHER).

After purchasing the new bottom of the line 10 GB iPod, I plugged in the firewire cable and mounted the iPod on my desktop (it was nice to know I could use the iPod as an external 10 GB storage device, but that would be akin to using a Land Cruiser to drive just around town). So I transferred some my collection of "hacking utilities" to the iPod and started poking around. What I discovered using the Norton Disk Editor, is the hidden folders where the iPod stores ".mp3" files.

The all-new iPod has a number of hidden folders where .mp3 files are stored

Next I checked the CD that had the software that came with the iPod. What I discovered is they were ".DMG" files which are disk images only readable in OS X, (one of the major reasons I switched to the mac in 1998 platform was I did not want to fuck around with file extensions, and liked the old Mac interface - the OS X interface IMHO is fancy and all, but lacks the elegant simplicity of 9.2.1).

To try and get the image to mount I tried using Apple Disk Copy 6.5b13 (the developers version, not officially released to the public), but gave up after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Next I played around with iTunes 1.0.1 that came with my Ti powerbook, but that was another dead end as far interfacing with the new iPod.

Anyway after a few hours of hacking, I discovered the key to getting the new iPod to work with OS 9.2.1 is to down load and install iTunes 2.0.2 (which I found to be a .smi file, iTunes 2.0.4 was a pesky .dmg file) from the Apple web site!!!!!!

Access your hidden music files

To access the hidden music files on new iPod is really quite simple using the Norton Disk Editor.

Assuming ya have the iPod mounted on the desktop and Norton Disk Editor, you will find the iTunes music files are stored in iPod/iPod_Control/Music/Fxx (in other words just a bunch of sub directories)

hidden folders on the iPod, where iTunes can access .mp3 files

Using a disk editor, you can turn off the invisible files and folders so that move them around in the finder. If you select all the "Fxx" music folders and press Command A on keyboard, you will make an alias of each.

Now if you create a new folder on the iPod called "My MP3 Files" (or whatever you like), and drag each "Fxx" alias to the "My MP3 Files" folder, then you can use manually access MP3 music files.

Anyway to introduce yourself or share your own iPod tips, use the graffiti wall.