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AddALL and ISBN are independent web sites built by book buyers for book buyers, therefore search results are totally objective without favoring one bookstore over another. You can search for any book you want, comparing the prices and services.

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Best Web Buys and Internet Mall are sites that offer a comprehensive, easy to use, easy to access, and secure way for consumers to shop the Web by enabling them to quickly & easily compare key decision factors such as price and availability on an extensive selection of products from the top Internet merchants.


“Online Auctions” is one of the hot trends on the internet. You can buy, sell, trade just about any item online, from collectibles to useful items. Online auctions are also most common avenue for Internet fraud by a landslide, according to a report from the National Consumers League’s Internet Fraud Watch. But there are ways to shop safely online - for instance if you are laying out a large sum of money for an auction item, consider using a third party escrow service to ensure delivery of the item which you’ve ordered.

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The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. features interactive simulations, “show me how” feature demonstrations, and user manuals of popular and leading consumer electronics on the market, plus a comprehensive database of manufacturer's support information.

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Responsible shopping means taking into account the social and environmental impacts of your buying decisions. The Responsible Shopper interactive database allows you to look up green companies and determine their performance in a variety of categories and includes overviews of the issues and positive alternatives in eleven product categories.

The CatalogSite is just one place where you can order various catalogs to fit your shopping needs. After selecting catalogs of interest, your order is forwarded to the catalog companies. Usually it take about 4-8 weeks to receive a catalog.

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BuyersIndexGoogle Catalogs is an independent third party that allows consumers to rate e-business for reliability, privacy and customer satisfaction. Pioneers in the use of consumer feedback to promote safer e-commerce, is the first company to use consumer intelligence to empower both consumers and merchants

If you are a snobby high maintenance individual who feels at home shopping at Neiman Marcus and would never dream of shopping with the masses at Wal Mart, then the site may satisfy your materialistic desires.

A bot is a software tool for digging through data. You give a bot directions and it bring back answers. BotSpot aims to have the most complete directory of bots possible including shopping bots.

The Consumerist is a frequently updated website with posts listed in reverse (aka a BLOG) that favors bad company stories over happy customer tales. We're not anti-capitalist; we're anti-stupid-capitalist.

AutoTrader (part of Trader Publishing Company) and Hemmings Motor News have a large inventory of cars and trucks on the Internet. Edmunds Automobile Guide, the well-known publisher of automobile information is online and offers a wealth of free information to car buyers and sellers. Kelley Blue Book features prices on new and used cars, trucks, street and dirt bikes, ATV, scooters, mopeds and sidecars, personal watercraft and snowmobiles. AllData provides information on Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins. Carfax vehicle history report is your best protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems (VIN, salvage, flood, damage and Lemon records).

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If ya want a more exotic toy try browsing the AircraftBrowser.COM, Aircraft Shopper Online, AirCraftDealer.COM, BarnStormers.COM, BuyPlanesForSale.COM, Controller.COM, PlaneDesire or Trade-A-Plane. For pilot accessories try Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

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