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Information is power, so government intelligence agencies (such as the NSA and the FBI) and watchdog NGO’s have created sophisticated means of acquiring and analyzing information. Now you too can search the web for former classified and top secret government documents and find the dirt on candidates for public office using the following sites.

CDI The Center for Defense Information is a non-partisan, non-profit organizaton committed to independent research on the social, economic, environmental, political and military components of global security.
CIA records CIA records already released or declassified under the Freedom of Information Act can be searched.
Cryptome Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security and intelligence -- open, secret and classified documents -- but not limited to those The Federation of American Scientists is an independent organization that believes information is power, and that it should not be limited to government intelligence agencies., the only official U.S. Government portal to 47 million pages of government information, services, and online transactions.
GIA The government has endless ways of keeping tabs on Americans and what they're up to. Now the Government Information Awareness site turns the tables, letting you keep an eye on your government officials.
Jane’s Every second of every day, the editors of Jane’s magazines, yearbooks and special reports are preparing information vital to the understanding of global defence, aerospace and transportation. The NATIONAL CENTER FOR POLICY ANALYSIS mission is to seek innovative private-sector solutions to public policy problems.
OpenSecrets The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy. Covering exclusively U.S. Military web sites, maintains its lead with the largest index of the .mil domain. A national library of factual information (backgrounds, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, performance evaluations) on candidates for public office from President of the United States down to state legislature. The Worldwatch Institute is a non-profit independent environmental research organization, which has educated the public and policymakers about important global environmental and development issues.


To support disaster prevention and mitigation activities, FEMA and ESRI have agreed to a National Partnership in part aimed at providing multi-hazard maps and information to US residents, business owners, schools, community groups, and local governments via the Internet.
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For information on the Current Nationwide Threat Level from known terrorist organizations check the Homeland Security Advisory System.Advisory Alert - Click image for more detailed information...


There are many search engines out there and each one has its own merits. To save time, here is a “Type once and select search engine” interface (of other useful search engines, the ones I use most often are listed on the Phaster home page).


Are you tired of wading though thousands of irrelevant search results to get to the information you want? Ever wish you could narrow your search to sites you already know and trust? With Rollyo, you can easily create your own custom search engines, and explore and save those created by others - with no programming required. All you have to do is pick the sites you want to search.

Googlefight pits one search term against another to see which "wins" by generating the most hits. Try superman vs. godzilla.

Make a fight! Type 2 opposite keywords:



MP3 (Mpeg Layer 3) is a format for storing audio on a computer. To make an MP3, audio is taken from any source (such as the track from a CD) and compressed down to a track about 8 percent of its original size (a compression ratio of 12:1). This means that, while a regular music CD can contain about one hour of music (74 minutes, actually), a similar CD used to store mp3 files can contain almost 12 hours of music. If you are a music fan looking to connect directly with your favorite artists worldwide try The Ultimate Band List.

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It is possible to search, download, and share all files, including MP3, OGG, WMA, WMF, WAV, MPG, MPEG, MOV, AVI, ASF, JPG, GIF, RM, HTM, HTML, TXT, SWF and more using peer to peer software like Gnutella or BitTorrent. Before you any BitTorrent site, you must know what BitTorrent (BT) actually is, how it works, the programs needed and the methods involved.

LookSmart is an interactive guide designed to help you quickly find information on the Internet. The directory is updated every day by a large staff of editors who look for the best information on the Web. Each site is reviewed for quality and placed into one of more than 60,000 categories.

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