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Have you ever lost an important phone number? We all have. Trying to find it is quite frustrating. On the Internet, there are six different phone number directories, none of which will give you a guaranteed correct entry. The Ultimate White Pages is a centralized, fast, and common interface to all six.

 The Ultimate White Pages

Ever needed to find a business in another city? You can do it on the Net, but you have to load big search pages. This page cuts through all that by putting all the phone number search engines in one place so you can try another engine if the number isn’t in one of them.

 The Ultimate Yellow Pages

The Blue Pages - A Online Directory of the U.S. Government is the place to connect you to your federal government services or agencies. has a complete index of online phone books, with over 400 links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 170 countries all around the world. is a site that can tell you what telephone number to dial for virtually every country in the world plus most major cities.

If you're having problems with automated phone systems, then reach a real live person immediately using this list of 500 business support phone systems.

The Internet 800 Directory will help you locate toll free numbers for vendors of all types of products and services. To use the Internet 800 Directory, all you need to know are some words that describe the product or service you are looking for.


Reverse phone lookup, enter a U.S. phone, fax number or cell to find its owner. Type numbers in the form 425-555-1000.

AnyWhoResidential Phone
PayPhonePay Phone Directory
PhoneSpellSubliminal message?

Verify if a phone number is a cellular number or a regular (home or office) land line number. The tool also reports telephone company and location. Works for both US and Canada. We use first 7 digits of the number (no spaces) to give you the most precise results on the Web. Other sources only use area code and prefix. Data last updated on 07/30/2005.


The Area Decoder provides you with current information related to area, city, and country codes. Simply type in the name of a city, state, and/or country, or a city, area, or country phone code.

Google has developed a dynamic strength people finder, all a user has to do is type in a person’s name plus their area code in the Google search box. The result will be a listing of all people by that name in that area code, complete with listed phone number and links to MapQuest (which will produce a map and driving directions).

AreaDecoderEnter AREA CODE or CITY, STATE
GoogleEnter NAME and AREA CODE

To save money on phone calls according to Smart Money and Consumer Reports, use a dial-around prefix to bypass your regular long distance carrier from your home phone. Bottom line 10-10-220 by MCI Telecom USA is a great deal with no monthly fees. The price for a US domestic call is 99 cents for up to 20 minutes, but if you talk less than 20 minutes you still pay 99 cents (this is a great deal for tech support calls). The other dial-around code mentioned in both publications was 10-16-868 from PT-1 Communications, again there is no monthly fee but service is not available in all markets. US domestic calls are 7.9 cents a minute, but they add 3.9 percent for a universal service fund. - Perform a reverse address lookup by entering as much information as possible to find the listing associated with an address. For broader results, leave out the street number or try using a range of street numbers (e.g. "[400-600]"). A reverse address search will find the person or business name and phone number at that street address.

Street Address

City or ZIP/Postal


Yahoo! Maps come from Mapquest. Based in Denver, Colorado, the MapQuest Publishing Group is uniquely positioned to leverage the cartographic, software engineering and data content knowledge of its parent company, GeoSystems Global Corporation.

Street Address

City, State Zip or a ZIP

A search for personal data on -- one of the most comprehensive personal-data search engines on the net -- tends to elicit one of two reactions from first-timers: terror or curiosity. Which reaction often depends on whether you are searching for someone else's data, or your own.

Enter a Name:

SearchSystems is a directory of publicly-accessible databases. US bills itself as the leader in people search and background checks, and it is a good place to check your own Public Record Profile for accuracy (which is step one to protect yourself from identity theft).

 First Last State  

Pipl digs up information about a person Google often misses, supposedly by searching the "deep web" (or "invisible web.") Pipl returns an impressive number of results for most people who use their "real" names online, including personal web pages, press mentions, MySpace pages, and Amazon wishlists. You can also narrow your search for common names by entering city, state and country, too.

IF the person you're looking for likely has a Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, or Xanga account THEN enter their full name or screen name, plus other identifying information like interests and location at Wink to do a one-hit comprehensive search of all those services at once.

ZoomInfo aggregates people and company information in one place to help candidates find the right job, but its people search tool also turns up information about corporate types especially well. ZoomInfo's information listings on people, culled from the web, include people's employment history and current job title, whether or not they're looking for a job.

Jigsaw is a Business Directory of Business Contacts and Company Information.

Did you know you can find out what car anybody owns by simply going to, then in the 'get a quote' section enter the zip code of your target, then click 'get a quote' , then on the next page enter the name and address of your target. after submitting the form, you will be presented with a list of cars that person owns. The records are pulled from the DMV.

Public Records can help you uncover the truth about who it is you are dealing with. You can easily search public records before hiring a new employee, partnering with someone in business, choosing vendors, and building new relationships without the worry of hidden troublesome histories.

First Name   Last Name   State  

If you just need a tool which will tell you if a Social Security Number is valid (time period and the state) use the following form.

Enter A SSN:

Click State for Construction Notices, Road Closures, Etc.

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