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When it comes to arcane or highly specific material, you might have better luck searching Usenet (via Deja.Com which was acquired Google Inc.) -- the ownerless, amorphous, ever-expanding collection of ad hoc newsgroups that proliferate daily across the Internet. Expert sites, message boards and online communities (Delphi) are based on the concept of knowledge sharing. Most of these sites have self appointed experts that get satisfaction from sharing their knowledge with others, while others may charge to answer a specific question.

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The Freedom Project will send your message through the anonymous mixmaster remailer system. This means that nothing will be left in the headers of the message to identify where the message came from, it will be encrypted before it leaves this system and it will be remailed through several other mixmaster remailers before it gets to its destination. It usually takes half a day for the message to get to its recipient.

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Email is not private. Using it is like sending a postcard, but worse, since email gets copied and saved by the computers that pass it around the net in route to you, before delivering it to your in box. HushMail uses industry standard algorithms as specified by the Open PGP standard (RFC 2240) to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your eMail.

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TrackThis is a Web-based service that delivery details such as know if your email was forwarded to anyone else. Record IP Address and more about who opened your message, etc! is a Web-based eMail service that piggybacks on the Internet’s existing security measures to promise total privacy between sender and receiver.

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