Graywater Primary Filter
repurpose plastic food net packaging

Its inevitable that graywater recycling from washing machines is going to become the norm. So here is one suggestion for a durable, low tech "Washing machine" primary graywater filter that basically re-uses food packaging and is so simple anyone can install one in 5 seconds.

mung bean noodles

1st step: head down to the local supermarket and look for something with plastic netting. What I've found works best is the netting from the package of Mungbean noodles.

FYI bean thread noodles are the thin noodles made from ground mung beans or (the cheaper version) mung bean flour. Because of their appearance, they are also called transparent or cellophane noodles and are used to make "Spring Rolls."

Graywater washing machine primary filter

2nd step: zip tie plastic netting to the PVC washing machine drain hose to remove lint.

Figure anyone one wanting to keep lint and stuff like dog hair from clogging sewer lines should consider repurposed food net packaging. Basically the plastic netting does a great job of screening out 95% plus of the big crud that usually goes down the drain.

FACT: the average top loading washing machine uses 41 gallons of water per load and high-efficiency washing machines use less than 28 gallons of water per load.

For those interested looking to make efficent use of water, here is something I found online that describes a "Laundry to Landscape Grey Water System."

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