If you’re not familiar with the term “Peak Oil” prepare yourself because eventually it will be the topic de jour. The concept of “Peak Oil” is at some point in time, global oil production will peak then decrease over a short period of time. The theory of “Peak Oil” goes back to the 1950s, when geophysicist M. King Hubbert observed oil production in an oil field could be modeled using a bell shaped curve.

I’ve been extremely fascinated with global warming and the Hubbert Curve ever since my university days, because they are intriguing topics of study that have a common “crude” thread. The difference is global warming will change ecosystems in the long term in great part because of mankind burning oil; while “Peak Oil” will impact civilization in the short term because of ever increasing prices for crude. My interest with these topics kinda started in an undergraduate seminar class taught by Roger Revelle back in the late 1980's. At the time Jim Hanson was making head line news with his climate model and back then for a brief moment I thought the Pons-Fleishman experiments in cold fusion looked to be a solution that would have solved global warming and the energy crisis. Fast forward 20 years, more people are now aware and concerned with global warming and to a very small degree the problem of “Peak Oil” but so far society has not taken these issues seriously nor are any easy solutions on the horizon.

IMHO there are adaptations individuals and society as a whole can make to deal with “Peak Oil” and global warming; but any successful solution that won’t cause more damage in the system will require a fundamental understanding of a complex interplay of the economics, politics and the environment.

Physical Reality > Economic Consequences > Social Reaction > Political Response > New Reality > Etc...

Although “unsustainable” is an overused word in the mass media and on the web, I feel compelled to continue using the term because it suggests there are choices and policies that can be made to help those people willing to face the problem head on, to stay ahead of the power curve. Have your own take on the “Peak Oil” issue? Use the graffiti wall to share your thoughts on the subject.


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